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Guided by a deep understanding of yoga, more than 40 years practicing and teaching, and an unwavering devotion to the Cause of all causes, Gurudev Singh weaves into his lectures the Spiritual with the down-to-earth realities of relationships, meditation, prosperity and self-awareness, with wisdom, humility and clarity.

Motivated by living a spiritual life, he started learning from Yogi Bhajan when he was 18. Since then, his life has been driven by the study, practice, and teaching of spirituality, experiencing deep marriage and fatherhood, and maintaining successful businesses, always exploring the full potential of the human experience.

As a teacher he travels throughout the world teaching workshops, Kundalini Yoga teacher training and personally mentoring and coaching many.


Now what is intelligence? It is when your senses and your consciousness calculate on the spot. Senses will say one thing. Consciousness will say something different. And when you can put it together, two and two, that is intelligence.
— Yogi Bhajan