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Baltej Singh Dhillon is an Inspector with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and is the officer in charge of Operational Readiness and Response.

He is well known in the community, especially for the being the first turbaned RCMP member to be accepted into the force.

Baltej first took up tabla at a young age and then progressed to playing the harmonium and doing kirtan when he moved to Canada from Malaysia at the age of 15.




Sat Sang Jatha is a Indian Classical kirtan group that was formed in the summer of 2006. The group consists of Baltej Singh Dhillon on harmonium and vocals, Onkar Dhillon on guitar and vocals, and Suminder Singh on the tabla. Sat Sang Jatha has come a long way and is now one of the most esteemed kirtan jathas in North America. They have mastered a sound like no other combining the harmonium with a westernized acoustic guitar sound to create a fusion of sorts that allows you to truly transcend and connect to the sound current.


Now what is intelligence? It is when your senses and your consciousness calculate on the spot. Senses will say one thing. Consciousness will say something different. And when you can put it together, two and two, that is intelligence.
— Yogi Bhajan